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Sponsorship Program: About Us

Sponsorship Program

At Math Recalculated we believe that students who grow up in low income households should not miss out on additional opportunities that others can afford. That is why we have started our sponsorship program where YOU the community can provide these services for these children.

Every dollar raised goes to providing online and in person tutoring for students and enrollment into our summer programs. All funding is used to cover the cost of supplying highly qualified tutors to students and Math Recalculated does not profit from our sponsorship program.  We understand the climate and difficulties faced to some and want to help out as many families as possible. We believe that it is important for students not to lose hope in their academic futures. Through our services we provide additional support  to help students stay on track towards completion of their math credits. At Math Recalculated we specialize in regaining student's confidence in their mathematical abilities. We build up our student's foundation and get them ready to take on new math challenges. 

* No profit is made by Math Recalculated through this program. All donations go into a separate account and is used solely to provide students with highly qualified tutors.

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